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We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Business Law / Corporations
I was a business consultant (MBA) before obtaining my Jurist Doctorate. The philosophy of "preventive law" to minimize my client's risk, protect their assets, and prevent unnecessary legal problems is the foundation for the Adsum’s Law Firm. All issues reviewed from the perspective as to “what is best for the business and how can I make the law for the client” makes the most practical logic. Many of my clients like this "business concentric" concept.
Criminal Law [Felony and Misdemeanor Cases]

Adsum is experienced in DUI/Traffic Law and other criminal cases; felony and misdemeanor. When you’re a defendant, it matters who stands with you.

Bankruptcy Law [Including Debt Negotiations & Credit Repair]
Real Estate Law - Loan Modification - Foreclosure Defense
Besides my law degree, I also have a Real Estate License, a Mortgage Brokers License, am a Title Insurance Agent and was a partner in a closing and escrow company. For my entire adult life, I have been licensed and involved in real estate. My practice has closed residential, commercial and assisted with Island resorts. I also teach real estate and have been involved in the major real estate investment groups in NE Florida.

Although litigation is never the first option, sometimes it is the only option. When it is necessary for my clients, we can mediate, arbitrate or litigate.

Family Law

No area of law is more emotional than family law. Child custody and support are very important to parents concerned with the welfare of their children. However, unnecessary legal fees often are a result of easily avoidable disputes. Our approach is to attempt to resolve almost every issue before having to file a petition for dissolution. Careful resolution of issues maximizes the benefit to the children, decreases legal fees, and expedites the process.

Estate Planning

Many individuals believe that a “simple will” takes care of all their needs. For most people, this is not true. Many people attempt to transfer title to cars or real estate to their children only to find out that they lost their homestead exemption or worse. The small price of doing it right by far exceeds the cost of potential mistakes. Call us to determine your unique situation and protect your assets.

Personal Injury / Medical Malpractice
Trust / Asset Protection
DUI / Traffic Lawyer


What are our clients are saying about us?

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Shana B.

I knew Mr. Sarris through a friend and so when I needed a lawyer he was my first call. He got a better result in my case than I was expecting and I am very grateful for that. If you need a business lawyer or criminal defense attorney I would definitely recommend him. He was able to handle most of my case without me needing to miss work to appear which was also nice. Every case is different, so I can’t guarantee he would get the same results for everyone, but he did a great job, and I would go back to him again.


Jacksonville, Florida 4/14/2017

Easton S

Gust Sarris has been my attorney for over half a decade, he has written numerous contracts, filed LLCs, and on a few occasions had gone far beyond what I expected. Very pleased with the representation that was provided.

Orange Park, Florida 7/28/2016

Elizabeth C

Gust Sarris is an exceptional attorney and has provided both business and personal legal services to my household for many years. He is the first call I make when I need any legal representation, and the level of service he provides is outstanding. His office is professional while still maintaining a personal aspect that makes you feel like family. I would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring legal representation.

Jacksonville, Florida 8/5/2016


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